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Walk Band Multi Track Music apk download

Walk Band Multi-Track Music or Walk Band is one of the top music creating apps that are available in the market right now. The USP of this app is the various musical instruments it offers to the users to create music pretty much anywhere they want to and at a moment’s notice. It has really nice sound quality and offers instruments like drums, pianos, guitar, bass, and multiple tracks recording. Users can connect their keyboards and synthesizers to the app directly via a USB cable. It is great and very beneficial to all music creators, from amateurs to experts.

walk band

Walk Band features:

  • Not only do you have a bundle of musical instruments in the app itself, by default, but also you can download other musical instruments for your app and use them in creating music. It also offers great audio quality, and the multi-track mixer is a very good tool that adds on to the services already offered.
  • Talking of the musical instruments, it has a multi-touch 88 key piano. It has a double player mode along with the option of choosing single and double rows. The keyboard can also function as a synth, organ, rhodes or music box apart from the piano.
  • The guitar is also fully equipped with three types of string options; the nylon string, the steel string, and the out-and-out electric guitar. There is a chord mode as well as a solo mode and also the Pitch Bend feature for the latter.
  • Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Percussion, and Dance are the five modes offered for the drum kit. It can also play like a drum pad and a variety of demo beats.
  • The bass guitar also comes with a solo and a chord mode along with the option of three different types namely, Acoustic Bass, Picked Bass, and Slap Bass. The Pitch Bend is also present for the solo in the bass.
  • The multi-track synthesizer or mixer is also a very useful instrument that helps in mixing the sounds and the song clippings to create something unique and beautiful. Using this you can also import already created tracks and add them to new ones.
  • The size of the keys or the strings can also be increased if you think they are not discernible on a small screen.

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Requirements and Cons:

Walk Band requires Android 4.0.3 or higher, at least a 1GB RAM, 1 GHz processor and preferably a large screen phone. Walk Band is a great music creating app but there are three things that stick out. One is the better use of space that the tablets afford. It is not completely optimized for tablets because graphically it has the same display as smartphones but we all know that tablets offer much more space. Also, the easy installation of add-ons would have been a great benefit. In a great deviation from all music apps, Walk Band also lacks tutorials. In most standard music apps, there is a tutorial once you fire up the app for the first time and it can be accessed later also but Walk Band is completely missing that feature which might prove to be a hindrance for novices.

All good and bad aside, Walk Band is a fantastic app to have on your smartphone if you want to create music. Its ability to offer realistic sounds and display is matched by very few others.

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