Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder apk download

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder is an app that is useful for audio and voice recordings. Like all other audio and voice recording software, it enables users to record unlimited durations of any clip. It is a very useful tool to use in lectures and meetings and also works great if you want to record performances in concert halls or big amphitheatres. It has some features, though, that has helped it to become one of the top-rated audio and voice recording software in the industry right now.

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder features:

  • The first and the most essential ability is to record voices or sounds. The┬áTape-a-Talk Voice Recorder does so with ease. It has a widget through which the user can control its functions very easily. There is no need to open the app separately.
  • The app can also work when the phone is locked. If a user decides to switch on the recorder and then lock the screen, it would still work in the background. It is a good tool to record something without anyone noticing.
  • It records with great quality, and the user can control it if control is needed on the size of the recorded file. It also provides fast forward and rewinding functions. For low-quality audio files, users can opt for 3gp files while for better quality wav files may be created.
  • The user can cut or rename the file and organize the recordings according to quality. They can also easily share with other phones and even computers.
  • It also comes with a pretty nifty Repairing tool that repairs audio files if they become corrupted. Users get to choose between repair or total recollection of the audio.

The users of the app can also get the Pro version of Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder which throws in some added features along with those already there in the basic version.

  • Users can add to the already existing quality of the microphone to give recording an audio a boost.
  • Users can also change the way the app looks. There are various skins and color themes to choose from once you get the Pro version making the app very attractive.

There are no cons as such for this app as it has almost every function that conventional recording apps provide and the add-ons the users get in the Pro version is a bonus that delight.

In order to get it on your Android smartphone, you just have to visit Google Play Store and get the app on your phone. If you want the Pro version, you can just purchase it in the app.

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