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Slacker Radio is the new name for online music streaming, and it is currently topping the charts as the best music streaming website available right now. It incorporates Pandora Radio’s Music Genome Project to curate content for its users instead of the manual creation of playlists. The Music Genome Project was an initiative of Pandora Radio where bots monitored the tastes and music choices of the user and then curated a playlist and suggestions list based on them for the user to listen to. This new development is currently being used in almost every new music streaming app that is coming alone.

Slacker Radio features:

  • Slacker Radio is currently rated as one of the best because of its well-rounded approach to music and user needs. The app has everything and with just the right amount. There are no extra buttons or options to cram up space. It has a fluid and efficient layout which pleases the aesthetic sense of the user.
  • The Slacker Radio app has one of the most powerful searches in the app market. It also consists of a massive collection of lyrics, and it can download them from the Internet as well if needed. Therefore, you will never go without lyrics with this app. Only in the desktop version of this app does the user face a problem with the lyrics.
  • Like all other apps, it has some common features like the social media sharing of your musical inclinations. It also has the ability of playlist creation and the power to make radio stations lists.
  • It collects all the music that is available locally as well as music from outside in one central hub which makes it easier to search songs in.

Slacker Radio has some cons too:

Every good thing has a bad side and Slacker Radio also does but it can be branded as negligible if you are not a stickler for perfection. One of the biggest concerns is the amateur music that is included in the searches for some big hit song. For example, if you search for Hey You by Pink Floyd you will also get some cover tracks that people have made on their own.

Another problem is the Free subscription which entails numerous ads and the ability to skip only six songs.

What are the plans of Slacker Radio:

The Free plan aside, there is the Basic plan at $3.99 which removes ads and upgrades the music quality to 320kbps from the 128kbps you would get in the Basic plan. The Premium plan costs $9.99 which includes a whole bunch of features. The sound quality remains the same at 320kbps, but it comes with the abilities of the user to make custom playlists, on-demand song availability, and offline listening to previously cached songs.

Slacker Radio is a good music streaming app that gives the user satisfaction after use. A few technical niggles aside it is a good music streaming service to have on your phone. Recently, Slacker Radio came up with its Windows 10 PC update.

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