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Poweramp Music Player apk download

Music players are the in thing right now and has been for quite some time in the Android smartphone world. There are millions of them as you might well be aware. There are some, though, that grab the attention of all due to some features in the app. There are many exciting features that have been and are still being incorporated into these music player apps so that they may be more effective as well as attractive. One such music player app is the Poweramp Music Player, which is currently topping the music player lists with nearly 100 million downloads.

PowerAMP music player

So what is it that makes this music app a favourite among Android users that it has gained so much popularity. Let us take a look at the features that it offers.

Poweramp Music Player features:

  • First up, you never would have known what you are missing while using your music player app that is installed by default on your phone. It really provides you with just the basic controls and abilities to gain control over your music but what you are really achieving is missing out on a lot of useful things that other standalone music players would get you.
  • For example, the basic advantage you gain with a different music player is the attractive interface you get. Poweramp is very classy and dynamic with its black background and its blue overtones.
  • It has a rewind and fast forward which works without any lag.
  • The look and feel of the app is really great, and the users can choose the folders that the app can choose music from. So, no more annoying ringtones and WhatsApp audio files in your playlist.
  • Apart from the visual aesthetics, it really works well too. The music player is very powerful with its ability to play nearly all music formats like mp4,ape, wv, tta, flac, mpc, aiff, alac, wav, aiff and m4a, apart from the usual and conventional mp3.
  • The biggest and rarest feature is the control the app lets users exercise on individual soundtracks. Users can select different music settings for each and every soundtrack. Not only that, music settings can also be altered for the source of the music output. It also has 16 default settings that the user can apply.
  • Separate buttons while listening to music on headphones is also a feature that is present and so is the user’s ability to play music on a lock screen.
  • There are more sliding and swiping features for the ease of the user in this app. Animations and other clever nitty gritty make the app one of the best ones around.
  • Another exciting feature is that you can search the net for album art and apply any album art to any song.
  • People also laud the speed and stability of the Poweramp Music Player. It works very smooth and is very speedy. It is also very stable and does not suffer any crashes in normal conditions.

The biggest compliment that an app can receive and which Poweramp Music Player has repeatedly got is that it has no cons. There is very little, actually nothing wrong with the app. Its near perfectness is the main reason why users are so attracted towards it.

In order to get it on your Android phone, you can just download and install it from the Google Play Store. There is also a paid version you can upgrade to and one, which, of course, promises something better and more exciting.

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