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Music Maker Jam is one of the best music creating apps right now. We have all got music streaming apps and music player apps but music making apps are a little restricted to people who make music but with this app, anybody can make music as it makes the process very simple and straightforward. This app is used by professionals but it can also be used by rank amateurs to create the music they want. Music Maker Jam offers a wide range of varieties whether it be the type of music, genre or the instrument, like a good music making app must have.

Music Maker Jam

Why is Music Maker Jam so popular?

  • The first and foremost reason is that this app is extremely well-balanced as it allows all users (the musical and the non-musical) to create tunes of their liking. It gets this ability because of the huge amount of resources it has in the music making department. From EDM to dubstep, you can create it all here.
  • Apart from the wide variety of music, you also get to record songs in your own voice and convert it into a good song for your friends and fans. Users can also upload their songs to the Music Maker Jam community online to get reviews and feedback. The community is a great addition as it helps in your personal growth via the feedback process as well as listening to the music other users have created.
  • It is also worthwhile to mention that in spite of the great number of controls and the humongous amount of music samples, the app is fluid in function and does not face any lag whatsoever.
  • It has a large variety of effects and music clippings, all made by professional and expert musicians for your use. You can get anything from any genre, from rap, funk, ambient to EDM, techno, jazz and the like.
  • With in-app purchases, you can get even more music styles to enhance and better your work some of which are Reggae, Berlin Minimal, Flamenco Rumba, Reggaeton, Hip-hop, etc.
  • There is an 8 channel mixer which will enable you to create the perfect mix by adding or refining parts of your song. You can also use the mixer to create loops and multiple songs. You can also combine music samples to create the mix.
  • The Beat Matching feature is an excellent way to keep mixing and adding samples to your tracks without losing a step. You can also change instruments, melodies and also heighten or decrease the tempo according to your needs.
  • Using the Shake option in Music Maker Jam you can also create auto remixes of your original tracks. This is a great feature as you can keep on shaking to modify tunes without really having to work to alter it.
  • Download Music Maker Jam from Playstore 

Minimum requirements and cons:

The minimum requirements to get this app on your phone is to have an Android 4.0 version or above, 1 GB RAM, and 1 GHz processor speed. There are no cons as such of the app as it is perfectly designed and faces no glitches. The only thing is you need to spend a bit to get the best effects and functions. (You can also try Showbox)

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