The Best Lucky Patcher Alternatives

For all those individuals who do not want to spend real money on the games and the applications that they like, Lucky Patcher Apk is undoubtedly the most obvious choice. Lucky Patcher is such an application that will allow you to bypass the most annoying situations that you face while using your favorite application or while playing your favorite game. The application allows you to remove advertisements, bypass certifications thus allowing you to use all the premium features of a paid application. Now, if you think that Lucky Patcher is the only application that can do so, then you are wrong. Let us take a look at the top Lucky Patcher alternatives.

  1. Freedom: As the name suggests the application is aimed to give you freedom from all the purchases that you need to make to advance swiftly in a game. The application allows you to get the free in-app purchases by creating a Google wallet that uses fake currency. There are two major disadvantages of the application. Firstly, it is mandatory to have a rooted device if you want to use Freedom application. Secondly, the application does not run on all the applications. If your favorite game is not in the list, then sadly, Freedom is of no use to you. The good thing is that if the game is on the list, the application will be able to give you access to every in-app purchase for free.
  1. Creehack: Creehack is the application that can be stated as custom built for game lovers. The application allows the user to buy in all sorts of in-application purchases for without even creating a fuss about it. The best part of the application is that the application not only runs on rooted applications but also on normal devices. Thus, if it were up to me, I would always suggest that you use Creehack for taking control of all your in-app purchases, if you do not want to use Lucky Patcher. The sad thing about Creehack is that it only works on games and its paid in application purchases.
  1. iAP cracker: I want to add iAP cracker in the list just because it is one of the best applications that is on the market exclusively for iOS users. All of us are certainly aware of the fact that iOS has pretty strong security systems and does provide strong resistance to the installation of third party applications. iAP cracker, allows you to access all the in-app purchases that you need to have in your game or other applications and it really does a wonderful job. The only sad thing about the application is that you cannot use iPA cracker on a normal device. You will need to have a jailbroken iOS device. You can easily download the application on the Cydia app store for free.

Here are the top three alternatives to the Lucky Patcher application. In case, your lucky patcher app does not work or the operating system does not allow its install, you can always look up to these applications for the purpose of solving the issues with in-app purchases.

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