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We need a lot of recording software nowadays for various purposes and most smartphones come with one voice recorder of their own now. But remember, these stock voice recorders that are offered by default on our phones do not have many features. For that, we need a specialized app that is made only for recording and associated functions. You will be quite pleasantly surprised with what a specialized voice recorder app can do compared with the one on your phone. One such app that we will consider, therefore, is the Easy Voice Recorder.

easy voice recorder

Easy Voice Recorder Features:

This app is one of the best currently in the department of recordings. The plain and simple reason is that even a toddler can get how it works but it has some serious power that will amaze you.

  • Its biggest USP is that it is incredibly easy to use with 80% of the reviews conforming to that fact. The highly simple UI is a very big plus that this app has. Users simply have the record, the pause and the stop button to control their recordings.
  • It has no time limit which is a basic premise of most sound recorders. So you can go for big recordings without having to worry about recording time running out.
  • It has the AAC and PCM formats for high quality recordings and the AMR format to save storage space as the latter is a little low on quality.
  • It also has a home screen widget through which you can control the app easily. The recording will keep on running in the background without you having to run the app on the forefront.
  • You can also easily transfer the files to and from your computer for easy access to your recordings.

This app has a Pro version which comes at a cost of $4. It has some added features that render the app more beneficial and powerful than the free version.

  • You get two additional methods of recording with the upgraded app; one being the ability to record via a Bluetooth microphone and the other being the ability to record in stereo.
  • Also, you can get the Camcorder mode which means that you get a recording ability boost on your existing microphone. It is very useful for recordings during lectures or concerts which usually take place in a big area.

Con and Conclusion:

The only con that Easy Voice Recorder has is that its supporting ability with different devices is a bit questionable. Not all features are supported by all smartphones and therefore, one has to check the app well before installing it.

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