PlayBox HD App Download for Android

We are a world obsessed with movies and music, and it’s fair to say that we’re always on the prowl for a way to access these for free. Our lives are rooted in our access to entertainment.

Once upon a time, heading to the movies was a favorite activity, unfortunately, for the average person, it’s far too expensive to enjoy all of the latest movies on offer. Who wants to wait for it to be available to rent digitally, or end up on streaming?

No one, especially when everyone you know how found a way to watch it online and they’re all talking about it. Spotify may have cornered the market when it comes to music, but now PlayBox HD can bring you the movies (and TV shows) that you desperately want.

Every once in a while, it appears on the app store, but if you missed those appearances you don’t need to worry. You can get the app from the Playbox HD website. You will first need to go to the security section in settings to turn on unknown sources. Once you have completed this you can head to the website to download the file. When it is done downloading you can open it and choose to install it.

When you first open the app, you will be met with a message apologizing for any inconvenience, directing you to update the application. You don’t need to be overly worried by this. All you need to do is dismiss this notification by canceling it. You should now have totally free access to a world of HD TV, movies, and more.

Now, if you are faced with a suggestion to Buy when you are browsing through the available videos there is one more step required. You don’t need to spend any money to enjoy the wonders of PlayBox HD.

Go into the settings on the app and choose Contact Us. This will take you to a new window, which will allow you to contact the developers in a bid to activate the app. The mail will already contain device codes, it is vital that you do not delete these. The developer will require the codes to activate your app. Once you submit the form you’ll likely receive a confirmation email. This lets you know the developer received your request, and that you will need to wait to be activated. It generally takes 24 hours, though it may take longer.

When the app has been activated you will see a pop up notification in the app, confirming that it is in full working order and ready to enjoy.

Don’t worry if it takes longer than 24 hours, they may have experienced an uptick in downloads. Once you have received that notification, then you are ready to go, because you can see now as you browse- the buy buttons have become streaming buttons.

You can officially enjoy as many TV shows, movies, and cartoons that you have time for, whether you opt to download or stream.


walk band

Walk Band Multi Track Music apk download

Walk Band Multi-Track Music or Walk Band is one of the top music creating apps that are available in the market right now. The USP of this app is the various musical instruments it offers to the users to create music pretty much anywhere they want to and at a moment’s notice. It has really nice sound quality and offers instruments like drums, pianos, guitar, bass, and multiple tracks recording. Users can connect their keyboards and synthesizers to the app directly via a USB cable. It is great and very beneficial to all music creators, from amateurs to experts.

walk band

Walk Band features:

  • Not only do you have a bundle of musical instruments in the app itself, by default, but also you can download other musical instruments for your app and use them in creating music. It also offers great audio quality, and the multi-track mixer is a very good tool that adds on to the services already offered.
  • Talking of the musical instruments, it has a multi-touch 88 key piano. It has a double player mode along with the option of choosing single and double rows. The keyboard can also function as a synth, organ, rhodes or music box apart from the piano.
  • The guitar is also fully equipped with three types of string options; the nylon string, the steel string, and the out-and-out electric guitar. There is a chord mode as well as a solo mode and also the Pitch Bend feature for the latter.
  • Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Percussion, and Dance are the five modes offered for the drum kit. It can also play like a drum pad and a variety of demo beats.
  • The bass guitar also comes with a solo and a chord mode along with the option of three different types namely, Acoustic Bass, Picked Bass, and Slap Bass. The Pitch Bend is also present for the solo in the bass.
  • The multi-track synthesizer or mixer is also a very useful instrument that helps in mixing the sounds and the song clippings to create something unique and beautiful. Using this you can also import already created tracks and add them to new ones.
  • The size of the keys or the strings can also be increased if you think they are not discernible on a small screen.

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Requirements and Cons:

Walk Band requires Android 4.0.3 or higher, at least a 1GB RAM, 1 GHz processor and preferably a large screen phone. Walk Band is a great music creating app but there are three things that stick out. One is the better use of space that the tablets afford. It is not completely optimized for tablets because graphically it has the same display as smartphones but we all know that tablets offer much more space. Also, the easy installation of add-ons would have been a great benefit. In a great deviation from all music apps, Walk Band also lacks tutorials. In most standard music apps, there is a tutorial once you fire up the app for the first time and it can be accessed later also but Walk Band is completely missing that feature which might prove to be a hindrance for novices.

All good and bad aside, Walk Band is a fantastic app to have on your smartphone if you want to create music. Its ability to offer realistic sounds and display is matched by very few others.

Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam apk download

Music Maker Jam is one of the best music creating apps right now. We have all got music streaming apps and music player apps but music making apps are a little restricted to people who make music but with this app, anybody can make music as it makes the process very simple and straightforward. This app is used by professionals but it can also be used by rank amateurs to create the music they want. Music Maker Jam offers a wide range of varieties whether it be the type of music, genre or the instrument, like a good music making app must have.

Music Maker Jam

Why is Music Maker Jam so popular?

  • The first and foremost reason is that this app is extremely well-balanced as it allows all users (the musical and the non-musical) to create tunes of their liking. It gets this ability because of the huge amount of resources it has in the music making department. From EDM to dubstep, you can create it all here.
  • Apart from the wide variety of music, you also get to record songs in your own voice and convert it into a good song for your friends and fans. Users can also upload their songs to the Music Maker Jam community online to get reviews and feedback. The community is a great addition as it helps in your personal growth via the feedback process as well as listening to the music other users have created.
  • It is also worthwhile to mention that in spite of the great number of controls and the humongous amount of music samples, the app is fluid in function and does not face any lag whatsoever.
  • It has a large variety of effects and music clippings, all made by professional and expert musicians for your use. You can get anything from any genre, from rap, funk, ambient to EDM, techno, jazz and the like.
  • With in-app purchases, you can get even more music styles to enhance and better your work some of which are Reggae, Berlin Minimal, Flamenco Rumba, Reggaeton, Hip-hop, etc.
  • There is an 8 channel mixer which will enable you to create the perfect mix by adding or refining parts of your song. You can also use the mixer to create loops and multiple songs. You can also combine music samples to create the mix.
  • The Beat Matching feature is an excellent way to keep mixing and adding samples to your tracks without losing a step. You can also change instruments, melodies and also heighten or decrease the tempo according to your needs.
  • Using the Shake option in Music Maker Jam you can also create auto remixes of your original tracks. This is a great feature as you can keep on shaking to modify tunes without really having to work to alter it.
  • Download Music Maker Jam from Playstore 

Minimum requirements and cons:

The minimum requirements to get this app on your phone is to have an Android 4.0 version or above, 1 GB RAM, and 1 GHz processor speed. There are no cons as such of the app as it is perfectly designed and faces no glitches. The only thing is you need to spend a bit to get the best effects and functions. (You can also try Showbox)

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio apk download

Slacker Radio is the new name for online music streaming, and it is currently topping the charts as the best music streaming website available right now. It incorporates Pandora Radio’s Music Genome Project to curate content for its users instead of the manual creation of playlists. The Music Genome Project was an initiative of Pandora Radio where bots monitored the tastes and music choices of the user and then curated a playlist and suggestions list based on them for the user to listen to. This new development is currently being used in almost every new music streaming app that is coming alone.

Slacker Radio features:

  • Slacker Radio is currently rated as one of the best because of its well-rounded approach to music and user needs. The app has everything and with just the right amount. There are no extra buttons or options to cram up space. It has a fluid and efficient layout which pleases the aesthetic sense of the user.
  • The Slacker Radio app has one of the most powerful searches in the app market. It also consists of a massive collection of lyrics, and it can download them from the Internet as well if needed. Therefore, you will never go without lyrics with this app. Only in the desktop version of this app does the user face a problem with the lyrics.
  • Like all other apps, it has some common features like the social media sharing of your musical inclinations. It also has the ability of playlist creation and the power to make radio stations lists.
  • It collects all the music that is available locally as well as music from outside in one central hub which makes it easier to search songs in.

Slacker Radio has some cons too:

Every good thing has a bad side and Slacker Radio also does but it can be branded as negligible if you are not a stickler for perfection. One of the biggest concerns is the amateur music that is included in the searches for some big hit song. For example, if you search for Hey You by Pink Floyd you will also get some cover tracks that people have made on their own.

Another problem is the Free subscription which entails numerous ads and the ability to skip only six songs.

What are the plans of Slacker Radio:

The Free plan aside, there is the Basic plan at $3.99 which removes ads and upgrades the music quality to 320kbps from the 128kbps you would get in the Basic plan. The Premium plan costs $9.99 which includes a whole bunch of features. The sound quality remains the same at 320kbps, but it comes with the abilities of the user to make custom playlists, on-demand song availability, and offline listening to previously cached songs.

Slacker Radio is a good music streaming app that gives the user satisfaction after use. A few technical niggles aside it is a good music streaming service to have on your phone. Recently, Slacker Radio came up with its Windows 10 PC update.

Tidal hifi

Tidal Music apk download

Before getting into what Tidal has and what it does not let me just explain in plain and simple terms what Tidal is all about. You must be knowing what Netflix is, a platform where you can watch movies and TV shows of the best quality available. Well, Tidal is the Netflix of the music world. It provides the best quality music that is available for a track or album. Mind you; I am not talking about the 128kbps or 320kbps quality tracks, Tidal provides you with the 1411kbps music file that comes in the flac format. You, of course, have to pay for it, but we will get down to that later.

Let us, therefore, start with the features of Tidal:

  1. It behaves like most music streaming services do. It streams music for the user to listen to from its massive library. Find your desired song, select the quality and then you can get down to listening to it.
  2. It has a radio also for the radio fans and quite a number of radio channels to go along with it ensuring that users are never short of choice.
  3. It has all the nuts and bolts of a regular music streaming service and therefore, is not very hard to use. If you have used a music streaming service before then operating Tidal should not be a problem at all.
  4. The display of the app is really nice. The black background makes it very attractive. The overall minimalistic design also makes it less cluttered and very easy to use.
  5. Tidal’s USP is its quality. It provides flac quality 1411 kbps music that no one else does, not even the big names.
  6. Tidal’s search faced some issues at the beginning like all other apps do but it has sorted them very efficiently and currently it is one of the best ever.
  7. There are 25 million flac tracks already with the number increasing by the hour.
  8. There is also the standard social media sharing buttons that are present so that you can let everybody know what you are listening to.
  9. Tidal offers the high res music at $10. Its current owner is famed American rapper Jay-Z.

Tidal is an app that is similar to all other music apps that are available and something that I have already spoken about. So, let us get into its USP which is something many people may not be aware of. Tidal’s biggest motivation is that music should also develop in quality like all other things do, especially in the audio and visual industry. So they are moving up in aspects that others are just thinking about.

Tidal hifi

What is this flac you are continuously hearing about?

flac is an audio format just like mp3, ogg, aac and the like. You must be well aware that one single track can be compressed in a lot of ways which is incidentally the basis of their extension names and file sizes. The higher the bitrate goes from 96kbps to 320kbps the better the sound quality. Now, all the music raw files have to be compressed in order to transform them into a format that is recognizable for media players. All music conversions, from mp3 to aac suffer some losses in music quality during this process but the format that Tidal mainly uses does not have any such consequences. It is, therefore, termed as a lossless music source, unlike the others which are lossy.

Tidal is one of the best music streaming apps currently. It is available for Android as well as iOS. If you are partial to great music quality then Tidal is the best choice you have.

BlackPlayer Music Player

BlackPlayer Music Player App download

Among the multitudes of music players that are available currently for Android is the BlackPlayer Music Player. It has been around for quite a number of days and this sustained success is based on a strong foundation of some exciting and interesting features that this music player provides. Its USP as reviews and users state are the excellent music quality that it offers and the beautiful minimalistic design that it presents.

BlackPlayer Music Player

BlackPlayer Music Player features:

The BlackPlayer Music Player comes with a host of features that excites everybody who uses it.

  • Firstly, it is ad-free which is a very rare occurrence for a popular and unpaid software. It is also very easy to use and features a great design.
  • As is evident from the name, this music player has a black background which appears very classy and attractive.
  • Among its playback features, it has the ability to play gapless music, which means that there are no gaps in songs while they play from a playlist continuously.
  • It can also play many different formats of music files that others cannot like ogg, wav, aac, and flac.
  • It has add-ons like bass boost, 3D surround sound, and also features a 3D surround virtualizer.
  • It supports control by external media devices and also has the mechanism to play songs when the screen is locked.
  • It curates the Most Played list based on what the user listens to the most and also features a Newly Added playlist.
  • It consists of two resizeable widgets and also 6 fonts and 3 themes to go along with it. The customization allows the user to shape up the app according to his needs and tastes.
  • Users can also download or let the app update the album art.
  • The assistance it provides to tablets is really commendable and the notifications from the app are also customizable as in their size can be adjusted.
  • From the Now Playing mode, users can change to the previous song by swiping upwards and to the next song by swiping down. It also consists of a special immersive mode where the bars are hidden and only the album art is displayed on the forefront.
  • The Sleep Timer is an important feature that is present in the app as their are many users who tend to fall asleep while listening to music. For them, the Timer is a good option to prevent the music from running through the night and thus draining the phone battery.
  • The ID3 music lyrics support is also a thing that is catching on to new generations and therefore, the app has been provided with one.
  • The paid upgrade features visualizer, extra themes and customizations.

The BlackPlayer Music Player is a very useful music app to have which can enhance music quality and the overall music listening experience. It has no cons as such to speak of.

PowerAMP music player

Poweramp Music Player apk download

Music players are the in thing right now and has been for quite some time in the Android smartphone world. There are millions of them as you might well be aware. There are some, though, that grab the attention of all due to some features in the app. There are many exciting features that have been and are still being incorporated into these music player apps so that they may be more effective as well as attractive. One such music player app is the Poweramp Music Player, which is currently topping the music player lists with nearly 100 million downloads.

PowerAMP music player

So what is it that makes this music app a favourite among Android users that it has gained so much popularity. Let us take a look at the features that it offers.

Poweramp Music Player features:

  • First up, you never would have known what you are missing while using your music player app that is installed by default on your phone. It really provides you with just the basic controls and abilities to gain control over your music but what you are really achieving is missing out on a lot of useful things that other standalone music players would get you.
  • For example, the basic advantage you gain with a different music player is the attractive interface you get. Poweramp is very classy and dynamic with its black background and its blue overtones.
  • It has a rewind and fast forward which works without any lag.
  • The look and feel of the app is really great, and the users can choose the folders that the app can choose music from. So, no more annoying ringtones and WhatsApp audio files in your playlist.
  • Apart from the visual aesthetics, it really works well too. The music player is very powerful with its ability to play nearly all music formats like mp4,ape, wv, tta, flac, mpc, aiff, alac, wav, aiff and m4a, apart from the usual and conventional mp3.
  • The biggest and rarest feature is the control the app lets users exercise on individual soundtracks. Users can select different music settings for each and every soundtrack. Not only that, music settings can also be altered for the source of the music output. It also has 16 default settings that the user can apply.
  • Separate buttons while listening to music on headphones is also a feature that is present and so is the user’s ability to play music on a lock screen.
  • There are more sliding and swiping features for the ease of the user in this app. Animations and other clever nitty gritty make the app one of the best ones around.
  • Another exciting feature is that you can search the net for album art and apply any album art to any song.
  • People also laud the speed and stability of the Poweramp Music Player. It works very smooth and is very speedy. It is also very stable and does not suffer any crashes in normal conditions.

The biggest compliment that an app can receive and which Poweramp Music Player has repeatedly got is that it has no cons. There is very little, actually nothing wrong with the app. Its near perfectness is the main reason why users are so attracted towards it.

In order to get it on your Android phone, you can just download and install it from the Google Play Store. There is also a paid version you can upgrade to and one, which, of course, promises something better and more exciting.

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder apk download

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder is an app that is useful for audio and voice recordings. Like all other audio and voice recording software, it enables users to record unlimited durations of any clip. It is a very useful tool to use in lectures and meetings and also works great if you want to record performances in concert halls or big amphitheatres. It has some features, though, that has helped it to become one of the top-rated audio and voice recording software in the industry right now.

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder features:

  • The first and the most essential ability is to record voices or sounds. The Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder does so with ease. It has a widget through which the user can control its functions very easily. There is no need to open the app separately.
  • The app can also work when the phone is locked. If a user decides to switch on the recorder and then lock the screen, it would still work in the background. It is a good tool to record something without anyone noticing.
  • It records with great quality, and the user can control it if control is needed on the size of the recorded file. It also provides fast forward and rewinding functions. For low-quality audio files, users can opt for 3gp files while for better quality wav files may be created.
  • The user can cut or rename the file and organize the recordings according to quality. They can also easily share with other phones and even computers.
  • It also comes with a pretty nifty Repairing tool that repairs audio files if they become corrupted. Users get to choose between repair or total recollection of the audio.

The users of the app can also get the Pro version of Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder which throws in some added features along with those already there in the basic version.

  • Users can add to the already existing quality of the microphone to give recording an audio a boost.
  • Users can also change the way the app looks. There are various skins and color themes to choose from once you get the Pro version making the app very attractive.

There are no cons as such for this app as it has almost every function that conventional recording apps provide and the add-ons the users get in the Pro version is a bonus that delight.

In order to get it on your Android smartphone, you just have to visit Google Play Store and get the app on your phone. If you want the Pro version, you can just purchase it in the app.

easy voice recorder

Easy Voice Recorder apk download

We need a lot of recording software nowadays for various purposes and most smartphones come with one voice recorder of their own now. But remember, these stock voice recorders that are offered by default on our phones do not have many features. For that, we need a specialized app that is made only for recording and associated functions. You will be quite pleasantly surprised with what a specialized voice recorder app can do compared with the one on your phone. One such app that we will consider, therefore, is the Easy Voice Recorder.

easy voice recorder

Easy Voice Recorder Features:

This app is one of the best currently in the department of recordings. The plain and simple reason is that even a toddler can get how it works but it has some serious power that will amaze you.

  • Its biggest USP is that it is incredibly easy to use with 80% of the reviews conforming to that fact. The highly simple UI is a very big plus that this app has. Users simply have the record, the pause and the stop button to control their recordings.
  • It has no time limit which is a basic premise of most sound recorders. So you can go for big recordings without having to worry about recording time running out.
  • It has the AAC and PCM formats for high quality recordings and the AMR format to save storage space as the latter is a little low on quality.
  • It also has a home screen widget through which you can control the app easily. The recording will keep on running in the background without you having to run the app on the forefront.
  • You can also easily transfer the files to and from your computer for easy access to your recordings.

This app has a Pro version which comes at a cost of $4. It has some added features that render the app more beneficial and powerful than the free version.

  • You get two additional methods of recording with the upgraded app; one being the ability to record via a Bluetooth microphone and the other being the ability to record in stereo.
  • Also, you can get the Camcorder mode which means that you get a recording ability boost on your existing microphone. It is very useful for recordings during lectures or concerts which usually take place in a big area.

Con and Conclusion:

The only con that Easy Voice Recorder has is that its supporting ability with different devices is a bit questionable. Not all features are supported by all smartphones and therefore, one has to check the app well before installing it.

Get Google Cast.apk for your Android

Google Cast is a simple and affordable way through which people can send applications and entertainment files from their phones, tablets or laptops to devices larger than these like Television. This process of sending data is known as Casting. It is a technology that enables multi-screen experience. It is easily compatible with Android phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones and computer devices like PCs and laptops. Android users need to download the.apk file of the app, i.e.- Google Cast.apk

Requirements for Google Cast.apk:-

People who want to use Google Cast, need a Google Cast-ready device. For this, Chromecast is the cheapest mode available! Chromecast is slightly bigger in size than a USB stick. To use this, you just need to plug it into an HDMI port on your television device and then power it either from a USB port or a socket. Then you just have to download and install the free app on your device. Soon after this, you are ready for the Casting World.

However, there are some other options too. These include Google Cast for Android TV. The Casting technology will soon be brought in Television as well as in the set-top boxes. Though Google Cast is not available on anything yet, we can hope that this will soon be available in the near future.

It is available for audio devices. It means that the app transfers technology to speakers. Through this, users can cast music and other audio from their phone, tablet or computer to speakers.

How to Use this?

Once a user has a Chromecast or some other Google Cast-ready device installed on their devices, it is simple to use. Users should ensure that they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network from their phone or tablet as their Google Cast device. Now they need to open a Google Cast-ready app, select a video and then press the Cast button. Now decide where to pick the cast to. Soon after this, it will start playing on the device.

Once it starts playing, users can control it from their phone device or tablet, pause it or stop it whenever they want to, fast it forward or rewind and can even adjust the volume by turning it high or low. But since the cast is not initially playing on your android device or tablet it doesn’t drain the battery of your device low, and you can start to do other things on your device without interrupting the video. Android users can even cast their entire screen on the television by selecting the option of Cast Screen from the Chromecast application to watch movies using Megabox HD app.

Users can cast content from the Chrome browser on the computer. For this, you need to be connected to a Wi-fi, and then add the Google Cast Extension to it.

Apps which are compatible with Google Cast.apk:-

Numerous apps are consistent with Google Cast. They are as follows:

  • Youtube
  • Netflix
  • BBC Player
  • Saavn Music and Radio
  • Eros Now
  • Yupp TV
  • Wynk
  • Twitch
  • Google Play Movies
  • Angry Birds Friends
  • Dailymotion
  • Hungama Play
  • Chrome
  • Google Play Music

And a dozen other apps are compatible with this app.

How to Download Google Cast.apk?

The application can be installed just like you install any other app on your device. It is available in Google Play Store for the convenience of users across all countries. The app requires no special permissions to install. The procedures are:

  1. Go to Google Play Store from your Android device
  2. Now type ” Google Cast ” and search for it.
  3. Once the download process completes, open it so that the file can get installed.
  4. As the installation process finishes, open it.

The app can also be downloaded from the below link that we are providing-

Happy Google Casting users!