Best Beat Making Software to create Awesome DJ Music

Dancing on the tune of DJ at the club and shaking our feet and head crazily, is what makes clubbing the happening thing. Did you ever thought, how these DJs create music and how enigmatically they are created? Of course, even you might think of creating the same pumping beat and dance on the same or play it any party along with your friends. With the techniques and software availability, you can now easily create wicked rap and music beats easily. These beat making software comes in different format and price range. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie, you can easily create thumping beats out of Dr. Drum software.



Yes! Dr. Drum has been lately considered as the best software for beginners. It comes with lot of pro-music making features, sounds and samples. With great price, this is considered as the diamond for many beginners.

Let us check what makes Dr. Drum a different from other beat making software:

  • 16 Track Sequencer: It comes with amazing 16 track sequencer allows you to compose and edit your music. The feature also allows you to mix beats without any confusion.

It has features like:

With two clicks sounds and patterns changes

Already have in-built drumbeats, keys and FX

Can export 44.1 professional studio quality

Adjust low, mid and high tones of track

  • 12 Pad Drum Machine: It comes with 12 pads per kit and huge database. You can even add your samples through “drag and drop”.

Massive collection of kits

Importing of sounds and beats

Moving sound with just couple of clicks

Professionally mastered sounds

  • 4 Octave Keyboard: With this feature you can add pianos, guitars, synth, strings, FX and many other DJ making music systems. The best part is it automatically scans the imported sounds.

4 Octaves

No Need for MIDI cables

Thousands of stereo imaged sounds

Overlap Sounds in Seconds


A good beat making software comes with plenty of sounds and effects, along with feature that will surely help you in creating smashing DJ music.


cool drum

Really Easy to Use:

Compared to other DJ beat making software, Dr. Drum is easier to use. It comes with trained tutorials that help you in creating beats from dub-step, hip-hop to trance. If you have already used any of the similar software, then this can’t be tough for you.


Why must have Best Beat Making Software?

  • Having Capability to make Music: By beat software you’ll have the capability to create your own track and convert it into audio. If you’ve created a beat and want to make it into audio, then software is the best way.
  • Use of Active Forum: By having this you can find more specific software.  For a newbie, the software can be helpful in beat making since it cuts the training curve.
  • Offers Free of Charge Upgrades: Most of the high end beat software offer free of charge upgrade. This eliminates the issue of paying for upgrade and cuts the costs in large time.



Let us now check some benefits of using such beat making software:

If you’re musically inclined person and like DJ kind of music, then you also create your own club music. By creating your own beat it can certainly help to create a positive effect on career path.

  • Today’s generation like to create music using software and computer. Years ago people used big instruments and hardware which made it quite difficult to product beats. With the beat making software they can now easily quantize as well as improve the instrumentals that they create.
  • It’s less expensive compared to other live instruments. If you look for best brands of keyboard, they cost not less than around $2000 up to $5000. So to avoid spending so much of money, it is better to buy a beat software using which you can create and edit music of your choice.
  • It is easy to create and edit without spending much of time. Software comes with tutorials that allows user to understand and create music accordingly. You can even learn from professionals who understand the use of

Apart from Dr. Drum software, there are some other beat making software available that can be used for the same purpose. Let us have a check on few:

  • BTV Solo: This software makes it easy to create wub wubs, wobbles and bass drops. This small piece of software is very powerful and you can make hip hop, trance, dance, rap, dubstep, reggae, rock and others. You can use your computer keyboard or mouse to create beats by utilizing pre-loaded designed sounds.
  • Dubturbo: It has many features including video tuts and is becoming very popular.
  • FL Studio: Also known as Fruity Loops, and is the most popular beat among generation. Though it is quite hard to learn and also has too many features so to interface is quite hard. Other part of this software is it comes with high price tag.
  • Steinberg Cubase Elements 7: It’s the stripped lower version of Cubase and has 32 bit floating point sound engine. There are different versions available for high-end music producers to beginners.

With these types of software, you can literally cut all the expenses that are required in setting up studio. Moreover, with the advancement in technology, people don’t have learnt any difficult and complicated pieces of equipment. By having beat software, you and DJ masters are on same line and can create music out same genre.



Creating your own DJ beats by using the software will certainly help you to go a level up. These beat software are designed for youngsters and carries all major features to work on. With this software where all modifying features and mixers are made, it won’t cost high price.  Quite simply, we as a simple user can now create amazing beat for clubbing and party, and showcase our talent.

Finding the Right Best Dubstep Maker for making Music

Are you one of those who love listening to Dubstep music that makes your feet and body turn into dance? Also want to create your own tracks? Then check out the best Dubstep maker software that comes with all features required to make your track. Many people love to create and learn music, but with having no music experience, the use of software has become important.  You can use some latest software that allows users to create one with the use features.


music love

What to look for while buying best Dubstep maker?

As mentioned, you have many options to buy software, but there are certain things you need to look for before buying one. Before purchasing or downloading the software, you need to consider certain things so that you get the best one.

  • Firstly, you need to take the note of the hardware or software. Does the software require whole new computer system or more than that? Moreover, what external hardware component will be required like sound card or special keyboard?
  • Secondly, you need to check if the software is easy to use and has features that are understandable. Many programs take weeks and months to understand and get used to it. However, easy software like Dr. Drum can be learnt easily. Moreover, check if they come along tutorials to learn.
  • Lastly, if the software is affordable to use. Some best Dubstep Maker software are affordable, but others not. Audio production tools are generally expensive, but do come with packages.

Things you should look in Dubstep software:

  • 16 track set-up and multi-track sequencer
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Multi-Octave keyboard that will save you from buying midi controller
  • Integrated drum machine
  • Lots of sound effects

Let us now check some of the best Dubstep Maker that allows you to make some foot tapping music:

  • Drum: This is highly recommended software and the latest version allows you to create some powerful Dubstep music. Overcoming from the previous version, this latest version is far easy to use. Two main reasons to use this software:

Easy to use: Designed for both newcomers and professional music producers, this software allows easy music making.

music passion

Price: The software comes with affordable price tag. With $40-$50, you get 3000 custom made sounds and samples, Dubstep kits, training videos and free updates.

  • BTV Solo: Similar to other beat making software, this is great for beginners. It is created by Dallas Austin (2x Grammy-award winning producer who has worked with Michael Jackson,, Madonna and other artists. After playing with it, you can create some cool bass drops and wobbles. The best part of the software is it doesn’t use your computer resources. It also features 16 tracks with solo functions and playable mute to produce designs.
  • FL Studio: Popularly used in many music productions, this software is also known as Fruity Loops. However, with having so many confusing features, it is not recommended for beginners.
  • WobbleBoss: Designed to have fun during its use, it is easy to use. Users can create a totally new music with the help of toolbox filled with wobbles, wubwubs, and all other trademark Dubstep sounds.
  • DubTurbo: This software is known for the combination of simplicity and functionality which is best to create Dubstep. The 2.0 version includes:

Slick drum machine for sequencing your beats

Sampling keyboard for mapping melodies and FX

Easy export of tracks to MP3 or to YouTube

After learning on how to find the Dubstep software and how best it can be used, let us now check to get the best out of it:

Creating a Dubstep with the use of right software will certainly give you the best result. It depends on how rightly you use it. Let us now check how best way to create one:

  • Loading Samples into Audio Program: Some software including Wobbleboss comes totally jam packed samples. But if you are using other program like ableton which doesn’t come with Dubstep sounds, FX and samples then you need to load some created music. Once you have created 75% of the music, then you are half done in creating quality Dubstep track.
  • Creating Beats first and then Bass: It is quite important to create the beat first and bass later. This helps you to set the foundation for low bass frequency and also to play the rhythm of the beat. By creating the beat first, you can do some changes if needed.
  • Tweaking the Software for Dubstep Making: You can take your time in preparing the software for making the Dubstep. It helps in preventing you from tweaking options, plugins and FX units. However, it can be frustrating for many beat makers while trying to master the style.

Some important points to consider:

  • While buying the best software for Dubstep makes sure you don’t get fooled by buying the much-hyped and complicated kit.
  • You can use famous singles to create Dubstep and try it during party. So while mixing or creating the beat, check for the latest or most famous singles
  • Quality and reputable software offer more features and packs of pre-made beats. So check with such software.
  • Try doing something with the software like house, hip-hop or electronic music.

Buying best Dubstep software online:

You can now buy the best Dubstep maker software online available in affordable rate. There are sites that offer genuine and original software from brands. The best part of buying software online is you can compare features and price with others. Moreover, you can even get recommendation and reviews of the software. However, make sure you don’t fall under any trap of fake sites and discount that may sale fake software.

So buy the best Dubstep software and create the best club music for your next party at your place and play the role of DJ.

Dr. Drum – Creating Pro Music Beat for Party Event

When you go for clubbing you listen to those foot tapping songs which you feel like if it can be created by you too. With having no experience in the music arrangement and mixing, it is quite difficult to create music. However, if you keen on making one, then you check out Dr. Drum beat software which is designed for youngsters and music arrangers to create amazing beat for clubbing and party events. But before buying it or downloading the software, it is important to read Dr. Drum review online.


It is like cracking the code for creating an amazing beats from mixing other songs. With this software, you can lay down your beats in a matter of minutes and be the DJ for the party events.

Let us now review about this amazing beat software Dr. Drum:

Once you’ve downloaded the Dr. Drum software, you don’t need any hard core equipment to create one amazing beat. It is easy to install and learn.

Some of the features of Dr. Drum software:

  • 16 Track Mixer W/Basic Pan/EQ+ Transport Controls
  • 12 Pad Drum/Instrument Sequencer
  • Exports to 44 KHz Stereo WAV files
  • Drum, Bass and other hard core instrumental beat.

Each software comes with the package of pros and cons, and Dr. Drum review could be incomplete.


  • Affordable and easy to use software
  • Comes with lots of music features-drums, bass, synths, pads and other FX Instruments
  • Direct upload on YouTube and other social sharing sites
  • Full Tutorial Available


  • Must draw in Notes while creating music. Moreover, not compatible with MIDI Controllers
  • No advanced level of Audio Controls
  • No audio effects included and user needs to pay for this
  • Can’t use VSTs/AU plugins

If you are planning to buy this music creating software then you need to consider:

  • If only you’re creating beats by mixing different music
  • If you need program to make your own tracks
  • Having zero knowledge about music theory
  • If you want to experiment with music and want to be a music producer.

There is a lot of difference between Dr. Drum software and other beat making software. Mentioned below are few:

  • Other software use MP3 for samples: MP3 are compressed files and are not so professional in terms of quality. Once you export the music file to the folder, it gets more compressed bringing down the quality.
  • Don’t carry enough samples: Other software compared to Dr. Drum come with fewer music options to create MP3.
  • Too Technical and Complicated: One of the best parts of Dr. Drum is it is very easy to use and comes with easy feature. Other beat making software come with far too complicated features. So technically, Dr. Drum is a real deal.


After jotting down Dr. Drum review, there is no doubt that it is a great deal to go for. No doubt, once you start using this software you’ll feel like a real DJ of the night.

A Review of BTV Solo- To Know and Create Amazing Beat

Many music arrangers use modern techniques to create some amazing beats by mixing some latest and old songs. If you love DJ songs and beats that are foot tapping, then using a beat making software like BTV Solo is a must. There are many other software used for beat music making and each has its own features, pros and cons. Let us have a BTV Solo review to understand more about the software.

dj cool

BTV Professional Music Production Software works as standalone application. If you are inspired by music creation, then BTV will surely help to get ideas faster and easier. The software comes with plethora of sound library and having simple interface to bring out creative juice while making the music.

The software is endorsed by two-time Grammy winner Dallas Austin, who personally used this software while producing music for Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and Chris Brown.

Feature Review:

One of the feature of BTV Solo is its simplicity in its use. It comes with tutorials that make the process easier to understand. You don’t need any assistance while creating the music through this software and you can have all the control over the software. Moreover, you have music options to create beats for techno, disco, or dubstep. It comes with 16 different channels helping you to create different music with unique sound.

Some other Features:

  • Create Full Songs: By using this software, you can create sequence beats in 5 minutes. With the use of computer keypads you can connect the software with MIDI keyboard.
  • Customization: You can easily customize the beats by using its or instruments, tweak individual samples or customize present effects. In addition to this, you can record new samples, keyspan, autochop and apply editing tools.
  • Quickly Arranging the Beats: You can easily and quickly arrange music or patterns into full radio-ready songs complete with intros, choruses, verses and drops.
  • Easy Sharing: With BTV Solo, you can easily share the music to other portals like YouTube and other sharing portals,
  • Flexible to use: Despite of its simple design and feature, the software is easy to use and is flexible. It has the ability to manipulate minute details so that the music comes out exactly how you want. For beginners, this is the best software to create beats meeting your need.
  • Lifetime Update: Once you downloaded or bought this software, you’ll be getting lifetime free updates. In addition to this, you’ll also be getting new sound packs including into your library of samples for an additional price.

Pros and Cons of BTV Solo Software:


  • Beats can be tapped via drum pads which can also be triggered by mouse, keyboard and MIDI Keyboard.
  • It has 1000 sounds in 16 Bit, 44.1 kHz wav format.
  • You also have the option to upgrade to BTV, the big brother of BTV Solo


  • It cannot be operated online and one would really find difficult in connecting with Mac and other such device
  • No VSTi Plugin Option: Presently, it doesn’t have option to install VSTi’s (virtual studio technology).


BTV Solo has everything that one needs to produce amazing beats from hip-hop to urban dance, but lacks in some features. Still it holds a good place in music beat creation software.