Phone Detective Review

First, there are no free reverse directories for cell phone numbers. No repository was ever established for phone detective which made the information public so these directories have to resort to buying or collecting the information using alternative methods. Once they collect it, they make it available for access on the web either by allowing you to purchase a membership so you can conduct all the searches you want, or they allow consumers to buy a single report on one phone number.

phone detective review

When you perform a reverse lookup, you have the number in hand but not the name or address of the person behind that number. That information could be valuable to you if you want to stop a prank caller or find out to whom that mysterious number belongs that keeps showing up on your spouse’s cell phone.

Even if you called every wireless company to see if they provided the service to that number, by law they can’t tell you the name of the person who owns that number.

This means you will end up paying to get the data but for your safety and sanity it could well be worth it. Just make sure the directory you use has accurate records that are updated often.

Reverse Phone Detective is one such directory. I conducted a review of their product to see if they lived up to their reputation.

Their directory of phone and people information does contain hundreds of millions of records and their site states that they have information on “over 217 million households”. They also offer multiple types of searches including background checks. If you are worried about the person coaching your child’s soccer team or the neighbor who seems to interested in your children or your family, you can find more about them in Reverse Phone Detective’s reports and database.

This is more than just a reverse phone lookup, this service is a way of automating routine tasks generally performed by private investigators. It is not uncommon for a spouse to need this kind of information in order to find out if their wife or husband has been unfaithful by tracing an unusual and frequently called phone number on the monthly cell phone statement. Paying a detective could cost hundreds of dollars when a background check from Reverse Phone Detective can cost under $15 if you pay the one time membership fee.